Part 1 – The Gathering
Chapter 5 – Time For SPD
Written By Pink-Green-White-4ever
Story Ideas By: Pink-Green-White-4ever and Marcus

Last Revised: February 13, 2007
Summary: Time Force and SPD collide on a trip to the past...
Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance
Rating: M (yes the rating has gone up!)


"As for courage and will - we cannot measure how much of each lies within us; we can only trust there will be sufficient to carry through trials which may lie ahead." -- Andre Norton --

"I think maybe forever is what you make of it. Tomorrow may be the end of your forever. I think we should be more careful how we use it." -- Unknown --


She didn’t want to move. Her position wasn’t the most comfortable one she could be in, but she was entirely too content and calm to move a muscle. Purring, Sydney mentally made a note to be in this position as often as possible, seeing as how it was now her favorite position.

“Are you still awake?” his voice rumbled up from his chest, tickling her ear.


His chuckling was music to her ears. “I can’t set the alarm clock with you lying on top of me.”

“I’ll bet if I sit up you could,” she teased.

“Do you really want to sit up?”

“No, I feel warm, safe, and relaxed right where I am.”

Sky grinned at the top of her head. “Syd, I seriously need to set the alarm. I can’t do that with you laying on me, let alone the fact that I’m still inside of you,” he yawned. “As much as I like both those facts.”

The Pink Ranger nuzzled her head under his chin and sighed. “I don’t want to move.”

“I know, baby, I know,” he whispered. “But if the Commander finds you in here, and Bridge in your and Z’s room, we’re all busted.”

Grumbling quietly, Sydney sat up. She gasped softly, her body sore in places she didn’t want to think too much about, and slowly lifted herself off her boyfriend. “Owie,” she hissed as she lay down in Sky’s bed.

Sky gave her a soft smile as he leaned over her and set the alarm on the side of his bed so that they could wake up and get cleaned up before the Commander ever found out Syd and Bridge had switched rooms for the night. When he was done, Sky pulled Sydney into his arms and settled down for the night. Sydney sighed in contentment and snuggled her face against her boyfriend’s chest. When Sky’s breathing evened out, she knew he was sound asleep. Unfortunately, her mind was suddenly wide awake.

“Sydney Drew?”

Blue eyes snapped open and Sydney turned over. Staring at Bridge’s abandoned bed, the Pink Ranger noticed the distinct form of a woman sitting there watching her. “What the hell?”

“What is it with you Pink Rangers,” the woman shook her head. “I swear.”

“Who are you and how the hell did you get in here?” Sydney demanded.

“You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you, Sydney. However, I do hope you believe this - I’m a friend who needs help.”

The Pink Ranger carefully untangled herself from her boyfriend and sat up, pulling the blankets up under her arms. “I’m so confused. Would you please tell me who you are and what you’re doing here?”

“How much of your Ranger history did you retain, Sydney?”

“A pretty cursory amount, why?”

“Do you remember the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers?”

Sydney gave her a look that said more than words ever could. “Earth’s first Power Rangers, no Ranger graduates without having them ingrained in their studies.”

“What if I told you I was Earth’s first Yellow Ranger?”

“I’d say you’ve been dead since 2001. Try again.”

“My name is Trini Kwan; I was killed in a car accident in late 2001. I was Earth’s first Yellow Ranger. I’m asking for your help, one Ranger to another.”

It was as if a light clicked on in Sydney’s mind; she knew somehow that this woman was telling her the truth. “I don’t understand, if you’re dead, how are you here?”

Trini smiled. The power of the Morphin’ Grid, despite that Sydney’s powers were man-made and not magical, had still connected her to the Pink Ranger. “Dr. Manx has explained what the Morphin’ Grid is, correct?”

Syd nodded. “It’s a mystical web of sorts, that gives each Ranger team power, whether they have man-made powers or not.”

“Correct. Your parents and Dr. Manx are some of the only humans in history to be able to tap into the Morphin’ Grid to create powers, without the help of someone with Magic.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“Because, Power Rangers from the past need your help,” Trini started. “In the year 2007, events are unfolding that could destroy the very fabric of time and space.”


“The time I speak of is just months past the defeat of the Master of Evil by the Mystic Force Power Rangers.”

Sydney blinked rapidly. She knew of the time Trini was speaking about. Once a squad of cadets became Rangers, they were privy to information no one else at the Academy was. They learned of battles past teams had fought, in the hopes that battles like those could be avoided in the present. There was a legend in one of the books Kat had given the team to read that had talked about a team from SPD going back in time to help defeat an evil so strong it would have destroyed Earth easily. However, the identities of the five time traveling Rangers had never been shared, and was presumed to be forgotten.

“Oh my God.”

Trini smiled knowingly. “You understand now?”

Sydney nodded. “But how will we get back in time? There isn’t a known way to effectively time travel, safely anyways, just yet.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, help is on its way. What I need you to do is gather your teammates, including Jack.”

“Jack hasn’t been a Ranger in over a year; he’s no longer part of the team.”

Trini raised an eyebrow at her. “He may not be apart of the team now, but in order for everything to work out the way it does in your history book, he needs to be there. Don’t disappoint me, Sydney.”

The blonde-haired Pink Ranger’s mouth dropped open in shock when Trini disappeared in a column of crackling yellow light. Syd stared at the spot where the spirit had been for a full five minutes before Sky’s warm hand touched her shoulder. “Syd?” Sydney let out a startled yelp. “Baby, are you okay?”

“ are so not going to believe what just happened to me,” she murmured, twisting around on his bed enough to look down into sleepy blue eyes.


Bridge smiled across the small space between him and Z. The Yellow Ranger was sound asleep, making a very alluring picture to her boyfriend. The past couple of weeks had kept them busy and unable to just be together. Sky and Z had busted a drug smuggling syndicate while Bridge and Syd had gone undercover to unearth a prostitution ring where several girls had been killed when it was found out they were pregnant. Bridge knew Sky had been supremely pissed when he’d found out Syd had gone undercover as a prostitute. “I haven’t seen him that pissed in a long time,” Z murmured.

Surprised, Bridge reached out and brushed some hair away from her face. “We all knew if the Commander had let Syd tell him initially, he’d have been against it.”

“Who knew the SPD handbook junkie would fall so hard for the Pink Princess?” Z grinned.

“He loves her,” Bridge responded. “That’s why he asked to switch rooms tonight.”

Z giggled softly then snuggled close to Bridge before dropping back into a sound sleep. Bridge just smiled at her and wrapped an arm around her waist before drifting off himself.

Hours later, he shot into wakefulness when he felt a presence in the room. It wasn’t malicious, but it was powerful, and that worried him. Carefully, Bridge rolled over and sat the glowing figure sitting on Syd’s empty bed.

“Hello Bridge.”

The Blue Ranger made a gasping noise as he sat up. “Who are you?” He could tell she was a ghost, but he wasn’t sure who she was or why she was present.

“A friend. I need your help.”

Bridge nodded, sensing the truthfulness behind her words. “Okay.”

“Just okay? You’re not going to thrown a bunch of questions my way?”

“Not unless you want me to.”

Trini sighed. “Bridge, I adore you.”

The Blue Ranger gave her a look. “Thanks, I think. What do you need me to help you with?”

The Yellow Ranger smiled. “I need you to travel back to the year 2007.”

“What? Why?”

“A war is being waged with an evil that no Ranger would ever possibly imagine,” Trini told him carefully. “Your team is needed.”

“Why us? If its twenty years past, how are we going to get there? How much good could we possibly do?” Bridge babbled on.

“Don’t worry, help is on its way. Just make sure Jack is with you.”

Bridge looked mighty confused when he pointed out, “He’s not a Ranger anymore; hasn’t been for over a year.”

“I know, but your survival as a team will depend on him.”

The Blue Ranger blew out a breath. “Okay.”

“Don’t worry, Bridge. You already know how this battle will turn out.”


“Look in your history books. Find out how the Earth branch of the Galactic Alliance of Planets was formed.” That said, Trini disappeared, leaving Bridge staring into the dark.

History had been one of his favorite subjects, especially Ranger history. He knew about how the Galactic Alliance of Planets had come to Earth. He also knew that it had resulted from the Great Battle of 2007, the one very few humans knew about until it was almost over.

“Oh wow!”


All he wanted was sleep. Sitting at the computer console, Trip Regis, Senior Tech of the Time Force police agency, found himself bored to the point of exhaustion. No one else who was on duty was in the computer room, but that didn’t surprise him. Most everyone else was in the communications room or the main work room of the building, monitoring the city.

Lucas and Katie had been on assignment for two weeks, and would be returning in the morning. That left him and Jen to take care of anything that came up that required the attention of the Time Force Power Rangers. Alex has been driving Jen and I ragged. Ever time he or the senior Pink Ranger had turned around, Alex had something for them to do. It was as if the higher ranked former Ranger was punishing them for something, but Trip decided it probably also had to do with the special circumstances surrounding Jen’s life. The Pink Ranger had married Wes Collins nearly three years ago and had gotten special permission to remain in the past, as long as she came back for three months each year until she retired so that she could keep Time Force updated on the happenings in the past. Alex hadn’t taken the news too well, and there had been tension between him and the team.

“What if I told you that I had a new mission for you?”

Trip’s head snapped up and his eyes took in the lone figure leaning against the doorjamb. “Can I help you?”

“I certainly hope so,” Trini smiled. “Trip, how much do you know about the Great Battle of 2007?”

“Just what any Ranger since knows. Every team from 1993 to 2006 with ties to Earth banded together to stop a massive invasion of dark forces.”

“Yes. I need you to go back to 2007 for me; you, Katie, Lucas, and Jen.”

“Why?” Trip asked, looking at her in confusion.

“Because as the Time Force team of 2001 the four of you need to be there.”

Trip looked even more confused and slightly stricken. “Wes and Eric? Are they okay? Has something happened to them?”

“They’re going to need the rest of their team.”

The Green Ranger nodded. “As soon as Lucas and Katie get back, we’ll leave.” Trini smiled. He didn’t even question what she was asking of him, he merely went with the flow. “Can I ask you something?” Trip spoke up.


“Who are you?”

Trini smiled. “The first Yellow Ranger of Earth.”

Trip’s mouth dropped open a little as he stared at her. “Oh wow!” he quipped, a grin spreading across his face. “Cool!”

“Good luck, Trip,” Trini murmured, and then vanished in a column of yellow light.


Jen sunk into the bed and under the sheets, sighing as she did so. She’d only been back in 3007 for a few weeks, and already she was ready to head home and sink into her husband’s arms. She no longer considered her own time home. No, home was with Wes, and it had been since 2001, even if they only recently finally got everything straightened out so they could be together.

She was just about to drift off when she heard, “Don’t go to sleep just yet.”

The soft voice jolted the Pink Ranger. Jen’s eyes shot open and she sat straight up in bed. “Who the hell are you?” the Pink Ranger demanded.

The figure walked forward until she was bathed in the moonlight streaming through the window. Jen’s eyes narrowed even as her mouth dropped open; the woman was glowing yellow.

“Jennifer Collins, I need your help.”

“Couldn’t this have waited until morning? Besides, how the hell did you get into my quarters?”

“I go where I please when I please,” Trini grumbled. “No human lock or obstacle can keep me out, at least not anymore.” There was something about Jen that just sorta threw Trini’s irritation level up, and the former Ranger had no idea why.

“You don’t look like a mutant or an org, so I’m forced to believe you’re a demon like Vypra.”

Jen’s comment had Trini feeling incredibly insulted, and even crankier than before. “Excuse me, but I’m not a damn demon, nor do I appreciate being compared to Vypra.”

The Pink Ranger was startled by Trini’s outburst. “Okay. You’re a ghost.”

“Spirit. And guess what, if it wasn’t for me and my teammates, you wouldn’t be alive, because Rita Repulsa would have taken over Earth one thousand and fourteen years ago.”

“You’re a former Power Ranger?”

Trini’s nostrils were still flared slightly even as she calmed down. The Original Yellow Ranger was looking forward to getting back to her much needed eternal rest. “The first Yellow Ranger of Earth.”

Jen’s hand flew to her mouth. Standing before her was Tommy and Jason’s dead friend, Trini Kwan. “You’re Trini.”

Twin ripples of shock and pleasure shimmered through Trini. She hadn’t expected Jen to know her. “Yes.”

“What’s wrong? Why are you here?”

“Jen, I need you to take Katie, Lucas and Trip back to 2007, immediately.”

Jen’s eyes widened. “The Great War?”

Trini nodded. “Wes and Eric are going to need you.”

The Pink Ranger could only nod once. “Of course. Lucas and Katie will be back in the morning, we’ll leave immediately.”

“Good. Do me another favor, stop in 2027 on your way back and pick up the Space Patrol Delta B Squad and their commanding officer, Anubis Cruger. They need to be present for this battle, and unfortunately don’t have the ability to time travel just yet.”

Jen nodded again. “Trini, you know I know the outcome of this war, don’t you?”

The Yellow Ranger smiled sadly. “Unless everything that’s supposed to happen does, that outcome is in jeopardy.”

The Pink Ranger let out a breath. “We’ll leave in the morning.”

Trini nodded and then vanished in her usual column of light.


Jack stood at the window of his bedroom, his eyes on the academy that loomed in the distance. It had been just over a year since he’d resigned his commission as Red Ranger and began helping Piggy and Ally in their business to help those less fortunate than themselves. Even though fifteen months had passed, the skills developed during his Ranger days were still sharp. Something was coming, but what he couldn’t say.

“What if I told you that you were needed once again, Jack Landors?”

Jack spun away from the window and dropped into a defensive crouch. “Who are you? Show yourself!” he hissed.

The figure appeared from thin air and stood before him, grinning. “Learned a little too much from Sky, didn’t you?” she asked, gesturing to his stance. When he didn’t relax, she shook her head. “I’m here to ask for your help.”

“At two-thirty in the morning?” he questioned, disbelief evident in his tone and stance.

“I apologize for the early visit, but I’m on a limited time schedule, I didn’t have time to wait for dawn.”

“Who are you? How am I supposed to help you?”

Trini rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hops. “Is it something about being in red spandex that makes you guys question EVERYTHING?”

Jack looked the tiniest bit shook up. No one had, in a long time, equated him with B Squad Red, as that had been Sky’s job for over a year now. “How do you know I was Red Ranger?”

“I know more about Rangers and Rangering than you’ll ever hope to know,” she taunted, watching him narrow his gaze at her.

“Oh really?”

“I know about every Earth team, from Mighty Morphin to the future team, Time Force, as well as every team in between, including yours.”

Jack gave her a look that made her relax and laugh. He looked so much like Jason and Tommy when he gave her the look he currently was. “Who are you?”

“Earth’s first Yellow Ranger.”

“You’ve been dead since...”

“2001; yes, I’ve been gone twenty-six years in September.”

“I’m a little confused now.”

Trini shrugged. “There’s a war happening in the year 2007, one that’s bad enough that the powers that be woke me from my eternal rest to gather a group of Rangers together for it. I need your help.”

“Why me? Why not the other SPD Red Rangers? Obviously you can bounce around in time.”

“Two reasons really. One, you were part of the team that beat Gruumm, that says a lot in the eyes of those who’ve sent me. Two, you and your fellow Rangers have met the Dino Thunder Rangers before. You work well with them. The powers that be believe you’ve earned the right to defend Earth.”

“I won’t go without the others.”

A bright smile played across Trini’s face. “You won’t have to. I’ve already spoken to Bridge and Sydney; they’ll be waiting for you.”

“When do we need to be there? Hell, how are we getting there?”

“Someone’s coming to get you. As far as when you need to be there, go to the academy in the morning.” Jack let out an unsteady breath. “Not to worry, Jack. Just ask Bridge how this all ends.”

The former Red Ranger looked at the space that was filled with yellow light and sighed. Trini was gone and he was on his own. “Damn.”


“Yeah, I’ll talk to you later. Just tell Taylor I said hi,” Wes laughed into the phone. Eric was on the other end, complaining about Taylor being late. Wes’s eyes drifted to the portrait sitting on his desk. It was one of him and Jen taken on their honeymoon. He missed his wife terribly. If there was one thing Wes knew, it was that he’d never get use to her month long trips to the future every three months. “Yes, I’m still here. Look, I’m going to go work out; I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”

Wes hung up the phone, let out a loud sigh and pushed up from his desk. He quickly headed up to his and Jen’s room to change before heading down to the gym his father had installed in the basement.

Ten minutes later, finished with his warm ups, Wes stood in front of the punching bag. His hands and feet were covered in padded kickboxing gloves and shoes and he was dressed in a pair of black Gi trousers. With the ease of practice, Wes began a series of punches and kicks, spinning around the bag and ducking here and there. For nearly a half hour he worked himself into a sweat, his muscular body tanned and gleaming under the bright lights as he hoped to put things he couldn’t change out of his mind. Normally, if Jen had been home, they would have sparred a bit before making sweet, passionate love in the middle of the gym floor. He chuckled when he thought of the few times his dad had almost walked in on them.

“Well, you may get your wish granted sooner than you thought.”

Wes spun around away from the bag to stare at the owner of the voice. He was only mildly startled when the bag hit him in the back. Trini chuckled and looked at him in mild amusement. “Who the hell are you?”

“Gee, your wife said the same thing when I popped in on her.”

“Who are you?” Wes demanded.

“Someone who needs your help, Red Ranger.”

“That doesn’t explain...”

“Wes, I’m here to ask for your help. Has Eric told you about any weird instances Taylor has had the last couple of days?”

“He mentioned it briefly.”

“She wasn’t dreaming. I need your help too. Jen’s bringing the others, and some other friends, from the future. I need you to take them to Briarwood.”

Wes looked unconvinced. “Why?”

“A war is coming, Wes, one that could change everything. Anything you think you saw as a Ranger the first time will be a cake walk compared to this.”

The Red Ranger looked startled and defiant. “There is no way in hell I’m going to let that happen. Tell me what to do.”

“When the others get here, take them to Briarwood. Find the Mystic Force Power Rangers. The rest will be revealed at that time.”

Wes blinked when she started to disappear. “You never did tell me who you were.”

“Trini Kwan.” With that, she was completely gone, leaving Wes staring in shock.


Nick couldn’t help but watch his mother as she stood staring at the Xenotome, looking for something that would lead them to finding the other Rangers. If things got much worse, they’d have to seek out the ones they’d discovered identities for and see if those Rangers could help find the other teams. As it was, they only had a few more days before the two weeks were up.

“Are you okay?” Vida asked, striding into the room and stopping next to him. When he didn’t answer, she put her hand on his shoulder. “Nick?”

“She’s worried. She hasn’t been sleeping well. Dad said she’s been having nightmares, really bad ones,” he told his friend, looking over his shoulder at the girl who was as much his sister now as she was Madison’s. “I’m worried about her. This is affecting her, and I don’t know how to help. We’ve had no clues how to find the others.”

“Don’t worry,” Vida grinned, looking to Udonna. “Your mother’s tough. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman made of sterner stuff than Udonna. And don’t worry about finding the others; it’ll work out in the end.”

The Red Ranger nodded and brought his hand up to rest on Vida’s at his shoulder. His eyes took in his mother again as he thought of the support system they both now had. He had honorary brothers and a sister, a cousin, a mentor, new friends that he grew closer to every day, his parents, and a wonderful girlfriend. If nothing else, they’d help each other through the coming challenges.