Basic Background Info
This story takes place approximately 3 months after the end of Mystic Force. If you were to go by the
time frame in the show to real life, this would put it at January or the beginning of February.

All ages are approximate as to the time frame of the show, especially the ones for teams LG to WF.
You have to figure the WF team was early to mid 20's. MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, Space, NS, DT, SPD, and MF
were all relatively young, starting in ages from 11 (Justin in Turbo), 14/15 (MMPR) to early 20's (some
of wild force and Sky from SPD).
Disclaimer: Power
Rangers is owned by
Saban Entertainment,
Disney, Bandai, and
Toei.  I'm not
making any money
off writing this story,
just enjoyment and
further skill in
perfecting my craft.
MMPR/Zeo/Turbo 1
Bulk, Skull, Alpha 5, Trey, Aquitian Rangers

Turbo 2/Space
Alpha 6, Phantom Ranger, Karone, Blue Centurion

Lost Galaxy/Lightspeed Rescue
Alpha 7, Mike, Angela Fairweather-Rawlings

Time Force/Wild Force
Circut, Ransik, Nadira, Alex, Alan Collins

Ninja Storm/Dino Thunder
Marah, Kapri, Cassidy, Devon, Anton Mercer, Elise Randall

SPD/Mystic Force
Dr. Manx, Boom, Jenji, Clare, Leelee, Phineas, Toby, Necrolai/Nikki, Itassis, Mutambo
Dimitria, Ninjor, Udonna, Princess Shayla, Commander Cruger, Sensei Watanabe
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