The Story
Disclaimer: Power
Rangers is owned by
Saban Entertainment,
Disney, Bandai, and
Toei.  I'm not
making any money
off writing this story,
just enjoyment and
further skill in
perfecting my craft.
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Chapters that have no link to them are not written yet.  The titles are merely place holders until the chapters
are written.  Thank you.

Part I - The Gathering
Prologue: A Mystic Beginning
Chapter 1: A Mighty Morphin Zeo Homecoming
Chapter 2: A Lost Galaxy In Space
Chapter 3: Wild Rescue
Chapter 4: Thunder Storm
Chapter 5: Time For SPD
Chapter 6: A Mystic Gathering Pt. 1
Chapter 7: A Mystic Gathering Pt. 2

Part II - Accepting Destiny
Chapter 8: Grieving Normality
Chapter 9: Evil Rising
Chapter 10: Accepting Destiny

Part III - The Mission
Chapter 11: Preparations
Chapter 12: The Fight Begins
Chapter 13: Waiting
Chapter 14: It's Morphin' Time

Part IV - Training
Chapter 15: Training By Color
Chapter 16: Getting To Know You
Chapter 17: Deja Vu
Chapter 18: Aftermath

Part V - Battling
Chapter 19: Drawing Lines
Chapter 20: Here We Go Again
Chapter 21: Interlude
Chapter 22: Precious Moments

Part VI - At World's End
Chapter 23: The Price Of Power
Chapter 24: Crack In The Armor
Chapter 25: Lines In The Sand
Chapter 26: Pivotal Moments

Part VII - Legacy of Power
Chapter 27: Unhidden Identities
Chapter 28: Putting The Past To Rest
Chapter 29: At World’s End
Epilogue: Legacy of Power
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